Security and Hygiene Policy

Ensuring health and safety at the workplace is a top priority and our commitment. Recognizing that human capital is the most important and our valuable asset, the company provides a healthy and safe working environment. The successful implementation of our policy is the responsibility of all employees.


In this context we strive to achieve: :

  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment for all employees, visitors and contractors / partners.
  • to ensure the health and safety of all employees in the continuous improvement of systems, standards and practices in the workplace.

And all this in the following ways: :

  • Recognising, assessing and minimizing the risks associated with the company's operations and may cause injury or illness.
  • Providing training and supervision of health and safety issues such as safe work practices and emergency procedures, in order to fully understand the occupational risks to workers.
  • Encouraging employee participation in the process of searching for effective methods to identify, assess and eliminate or reduce occupational risks.
  • Ensuring financial resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of Health and Safety System implemented in the company.
  • adopting Analysis and evaluation of all accidents and incidents related to safety in the workplace.